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Novex tyres – pure novelty

As a tyre manufacturing company that has been providing professional speed racers, such as Tim Coronel, with their products, Novex was always supposed to come up with something new to improve their technology – which is something fair to do. Regardless if you are a professional racer or a casual driver, you’ll want to know that your tyres can keep up with the speed and the heat caused by friction, regardless of the season you are in. A set of Novex tyres might be what your car needs to withstand your driving, no matter where you are going.

Novex tyres – the picky driving companion

Everything is all about ‘pickiness’ when you purchase a new set of tyres. You need to get the size exactly right – otherwise, you might find yourself with some unwanted friction. They also need to be able to keep the pressure in, to avoid wearing (if the pressure is under 70%, it will wear much easily). Plus, you also need to be picky about the type of rubber used if you plan to use them as summer or winter tyres. Simply look through the database on and search for a proper set of Novex tyres at a good price.

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