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Nexen Winter Tyres

Nexen winter tyres – benefits of the Nexen Winguard SUV tyres

Nexen is a South Korean tyre manufacturer. It was established in 1942, therefore it’s got a few years of experience under its belt. Although it has very few employees in comparison with other manufacturers (close to 4,000, to be more precise), it managed to make sales of over $600 million per year. That’s a lot of dough for a company you’ve probably never heard of, right? They have some of the best budget winter tyres you can get these days. The Nexen Winguard Snow G, among other models, has been at the forefront of their production, having consolidated their reputation over the years. There are plenty of other Nexen winter tyres that will serve you extremely well during the cold season.

Nexen winter tyres – say goodbye to poor traction

Traction is crucial during winter, as it contributes to the car’s ability to get you out of the snow and ice. Needless to say, this is low during the winter, especially if your vehicle is not equipped with proper winter tyres. Nexen has many models that come in various sizes, in order to satisfy all drivers, regardless of what cars they’re driving. The wet grip of their tyres is excellent, as is the overall road feedback. If you take a look at the “Buy again” percentage that’s available on various websites that review tyres, you’ll observe that Nexen winter tyres have it at over 80%. In other words, you can rest assured that what you’ll be getting is qualitative.

Nexen winter tyres – infallible manoeuvrability

Steering during the winter can be a highly dangerous thing to do, especially at high speeds. If you don’t have proper winter tyres, the car can go into a skid and go off the road. Winter tyres are good only if they can eat into the snow and secure the car in place while doing so. When you take a corner, for instance, the tread patterns and the grooves of the tyres should do a good job at keeping the car in equilibrium. Many accidents occur because the tyres are not designed well enough. With the Nexen winter tyres, you won’t have to worry about skidding. These can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes from eiretyres.com, the retailer of car accessories that cares for your finances.

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