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Nexen Summer Tyres

Nexen summer tyres – combining safety and excellence since 1942

Being founded in 1942, as Heung-A Tire Company, Nexen has been an irreplaceable part of the tyre manufacturing industry for 71 years. In 1956, the brand was officially given credit for being the first tyre company based in Korea. In an attempt to illustrate the dedication to releasing high-quality products only, the denomination Nexen is meant to combine two distinct words – next and century, to outline the brand’s determination to construct its legacy further and attain higher goals. In 2005, the company was awarded for the innovative technology in manufacturing tyres. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the collection of Nexen summer tyres was appraised in the reviews of customers and experts. Every Nexen tyres review claimed that the quality is top-notch and that they would certainly buy them again given the chance.

Nexen summer tyres – high mileage on summer roads

Summer tyres and winter tyres are a must-have for most drivers – however, there are also some people who do not place enough importance on this aspect. For a smooth, safe and quick drive, you need a set of tyres with a tread pattern that will encourage responsiveness – which is rather difficult to do with winter tyres. Summer tyres have a different, “lighter” construction than the bulkier winter ones, which is why they are more appropriate for straight roads with no snow coverage. Aquaplaning is also of high importance, which is why the lateral grooves need to encourage water circulation on wet roads. The Nexen summer tyres provide these exact features.

Nexen tyres UK – your to-go-to for an enjoyable, safe drive

The choice of summer tyres can either maximise or jeopardise your vehicle’s performance. By embracing an innovative approach to tyre manufacturing, the large offer of Nexen summer tyres fulfils the prerogatives of driving on the type of terrain that is typical of this season. Testers have appreciated the product performance during aquaplaning, and the excellent handling on both wet and dry roads. The enjoyable, 100 percent safe ride, is also a factor that is worth mentioning – which is why you will need to get a set of tyres with a tread pattern that will not let you feel every pebble on the road. Nexen tyres prices vary, so go to eiretyres.com, the online shop that presents a great offer of products of the highest quality only.

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