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Nankang Tyres


Nankang tyres – focusing on performance and growth

Even though Nankang has been in the business for more than 5o years, it seems that they never stop trying to come up with an innovative solution. Their motto is “Integrity, Pragmatism & Innovation,” so they want to make sure that their tyres are superior when it comes to performance and growth. They take all of their competition seriously and learn from every mistake or step in the process. Under the lead of Mr. Ching-Hsing Chiang, Nankang spread their business in many corners of the world, exporting their tyres on various continents. Under these circumstances, it is very likely that you will be able to purchase Nankang tyres regardless of where you live.

Nankang tyres – safely conquering the roads

Regardless if it’s winter or summer, a set of Nankang tyres will certainly come in handy. Their technology focuses on using superior rubber that will prolong the life of the tyre and offer a steady grip on the road. Their summer tyres were made to withstand high temperatures and a great degree of friction on heated roads, therefore preventing them from losing their shape and deflating. On the other hand, their winter tyres make use of a special silica compound to keep the tyre flexible during harsh winter condition, preventing them from freezing up. The grooves in the tread pattern were made to intelligently scoop up the water and snow so that you can have proper traction on the road. Purchase these Nankang tyres from eiretyres.com and look for a cheap deal on the right size for your car.

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