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Mentor Winter Tyres

Mentor winter tyres – going through history

Mentor wasn’t known as “Mentor” from the very beginning. Its roots are found somewhere in Serbia, and after some changes and state privatisations, the company was sold to a Bulgarian company which, in turn, sold it to Cooper. Ever since 2011, the name Mentor became a trademark as they would sell tyres for family vehicles, trucks, bicycles, mopeds, buses, etc. New technology has been introduced to the old-fashioned firm by the new American owners, which is how Mentor winter tyres have also been developed.

Mentor winter tyres – the new technology

Creating winter tyres is all about ensuring they won’t slip off from the road if it’s covered with ice. It’s also about providing the proper amount of traction so that you won’t be stuck in the same snowy spot for hours to go. This is why these Mentor winter tyres have been mixed with a silica compound that will make them more winter-friendly – due to the fact that it improves the tyre flexibility. Therefore, the pressure is maintained and you can go on your way without worries. Browse through the catalogue of mytyres.co.uk for Mentor winter tyres and find the right size of ‘shoes’ for your car.

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