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Maxxis Tyres


Maxxis tyres – where endurance and performance meet

These products are made for just about anything that requires tyres to operate. The Maxxis brand is a subsidiary of Cheng Shin Rubber Industry. This is a Japanese rubber manufacturer that was founded in 1967. Cheng Shin started out by making tyres only for bicycles. As the company grew and extended beyond Asia, the company began to operate under the name Maxxis in the USA. They started creating Maxxis tyres for light cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, motorcycles, industrial machines, agricultural vehicles and so on. These tyres are known for their high-quality. Moreover, they are all-season tyres that every type of vehicle can benefit from.

Maxxis tyres – all-season tyres for all vehicles

Maxxis tyres are engineered to offer a secure grip on wet or snowy roads. No matter what car you are driving, these tyres are designed in such a way that they create little to almost no noise on dry roads. The tyres also minimise any type of noise when driving over wet roads, creating a peaceful driving experience. Some Maxxis products come with a broad range of patterns to offer the driver a high performance on slippery roads. This brand of tyres is ideal for bike owners as well. Besides a high-level of traction, these items are engineered to last, and they are environmentally friendly. Get your set of Maxxis tyres from the virtual shop at eiretyres.com and get ready for a high-quality driving experience.

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