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Matador All season Tyres

Matador all season tyres – offering multinational productivity

The company that produces the Matador all season winter tyres started out as a small company, which only got larger as it joined stocks with others. Today, even though its base is in Slovakia, it exports 87% of the tyres it produces into 80 different countries. The merchandise it produces varies depending on the use: it provides tyres for trucks, personal vehicles and motorbikes, but it can also provide automotive parts, conveyor belts and machinery. The focal point of the company is, however, the tyres.

Matador all season tyres – always reliable

Choosing a set of all season tyres is never an easy task. It needs to be solid enough to withstand high heat without losing its shape, and it needs to be flexible enough to have good traction during freezing temperatures. Matador added enough silica into the tyre composition so that the pressure doesn’t suffer and the stability remains appropriate for every type of road. The proper set of Matador all season tyres should also last you well through the year and be resistant to friction. Browse through the tyre collection on eiretyres.com and find the right size and price you want for your wheels.

Choose quality and high performance:

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