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Kumho Winter Tyres

Kumho winter tyres – the guaranteed Korean quality

Samyang Tire, better known as Kumho was founded in South Korea in 1960 and has quickly become a name of reference in the production and retailing of tyres for a wide array of vehicles. Granted, not many people have heard of it, but Kumho is far from being a niche company. In fact, if you’re into sports like basketball or football, you’ll be taken aback by the fact that Kumho is a partner of Manchester United, as well as the main tyre of the U.S. National Basketball Association. As you can clearly see, Kumho is not some no-name brand. With Kumho winter tyres installed on your car, you can rest assured that you won’t have any issues whatsoever on snowy roads that commonly pose a threat to your safety.

Kumho winter tyres – featured in the Best Winter Tyres 2017 top

When you’re shopping for winter tyres, it is necessary that you take a look at the ADAC tests condoned for the specific brand you’re angling for. For instance, if you search for Adac Winter Tyre Test 2017, you’ll get a sense of what makes a good winter tyre: good tread patterns that get rid of the water and thus prevent it from turning into ice and potentially crack the tyre, superior rubber that handles extreme temperatures well and an overall steady grip on the road, in spite of all the sludge and the snow. Naturally, there are uncountable brands of winter tyres out there. As with anything else, some of them are good and other ones are not worth your money. Kumho winter tyres have satisfied even the pickiest of drivers thus far, which speaks volumes about their quality.

Kumho winter tyres – great price-quality rapport

Winter tyres are indispensable during the cold season. As great as other tyres might be crafted, they are still not intended for use during winter and this can lead to all sorts of troubles while on the road – troubles that, needless to say, can end up really bad. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You can purchase your Kumho winter tyres from eiretyres.com which, unlike other online hubs for car accessories, doesn’t force-feed you with subpar products that are not only overly expensive but dangerous, as well.

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