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Kumho Summer Tyres

Kumho summer tyres – wide range from the high speed spectrum

Kumho Tyre Company is a Korean tyre manufacturer with headquarters in Seoul. The European administration is based in Offenbach, Germany. The company was founded in 1960 and has since established a strong position among leading tyre manufacturers worldwide. Kumho summer tyres were developed for racing back in the day but have since shown excellent behaviour in road traffic. Whether it’s a car or a lorry, Kumho has great summer tyres for every type of vehicle. They are developed for highest expectations and fulfil safety needs on all road surfaces. Excellent driving comfort and high efficiency are among the special features of Kumho summer tyres. Customers get tyres with optimal grip – at a very fair price point. Most Kumho tyres reviews attest to their professionalism, considering their tyres lasted through the summer – and then some.

Kumho summer tyres - latest generation run-flat tyres

The recently developed run-flat tyres by Kumho make sure you can moderately drive on even after full deflation. A special silica tread compound ensures very low rolling resistance and low wear and tear. This leads to optimal handling and comfort as well as outstanding efficiency. Furthermore, the lateral grooves along with some deep sipes ensure that your vehicle will not start aquaplaning in light or heavy rain conditions. The responsiveness to steering is also quick and accurate, applying especially when it comes to hard cornering. Also, thanks to the soft rubber compound, these Kumho summer tyres will allow you to tackle every twist and obstacle that may otherwise endanger your control over the road. So, if you are asking yourself “are Kumho tyres any good?” keep in mind that most reviewers swear by them.

Kumho tyres UK – convincing reviews

Germany’s largest Automobile Association ADAC awarded the mark “satisfactory” to Kumho summer tyres at their comprehensive tyre test 2012. Testers were convinced by the tyre’s good grip as well as reduced fuel consumption and wear. Braking, handling, and stability also won best marks. This shows that good quality doesn’t always have to be expensive. Resistance to friction and high temperatures was also superior, ensuring that these tyres would last through many seasons. Look for these tyres on eiretyres.com and choose the size and model that is most suitable for your car. The Kumho tyres price is within the affordable area for most buyers, even for those who do their shopping on a tight budget.

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