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Kleber Summer Tyres

Kleber summer tyres – peerless quality of build

Who makes Kleber tyres? This seems to be the question on the tongues of all those who have never seen Kleber tyres in their lives. The obvious answer would be “Kleber”, but there’s more to this story than you see at the first glance. What we know today as Kleber was actually a French subsidiary of BFGoodrich, founded in the town called Colombes in 1901. It won’t be until after WWII that this subsidiary would cut its ties – although gradually – with BFGoodrich. After this happened, the French factory changed its name to Pneumatiques, Caoutchouc Manufacture et Plastique Kleber-Colombes and started to manufacture its first tyres. It gained fame almost on the spot. Nowadays, Kleber tyres are held in high regards, so if you want Kleber summer tyres, that’s clearly a wise thing to aim for.

Kleber summer tyres – affordable car accessories

Kleber is mainly known for two things: formidable quality and unbeatable prices. Their tyres exceed the 40 pounds mark per tyre very rarely, yet are 2x better than those of other brands. A Kleber tyres review, for example, will inform you as to what makes these tyres such a fan-favorite. Right off the bat, they are made with premium rubber which ensures good traction, braking, and cornering capabilities. Secondly, they are exponentially more affordable than the tyres offered by other manufacturers. Kleber is in very good connections with Michelin, even though a Kleber tyre won over a Michelin one in the context of the WRC (World Rally Championship). That says a lot about the quality that Kleber provides for an unbelievable price. You can get Kleber summer tyres at a fraction of the price you’d pay for others.

Kleber summer tyres – great price-quality rapport

If you’re shopping for tyres on a budget, then there’s really no better option for you than to purchase Kleber tyres. With these, at least, you get a guarantee of ultra-high quality that’s not just smoke and mirrors, but the real deal. Without summer tyres on, you’re less likely to be able to drive your car properly, because the tyres you’re using don’t have enough contact surface. You can purchase your Kleber summer tyres from eiretyres.com; give yourself the time to shuffle through the selection in order to make a decision you won’t regret afterwards.

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