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Kenda Winter Tyres

Kenda winter tyres – your friends on frozen roads

Kenda Rubber Industrial is a company that has specialised in producing tyres ever since 1962. Having facilities all the way from Taiwan to Mainland China and Vietnam, they would provide all kinds of tires, regardless if they were for your bicycle, motorcycle, trailer, ATV, industrial equipment or automobile. Once known as one of the top tyre manufacturers, they were true to the Asian sense of quality and productivity – which is how the Kenda winter tyres were born.

Kenda winter tyres – get a grip

Winter needs completely different tyres than summer does. Since snow is a problem, your vehicle needs to have the proper pattern to support traction – otherwise, you may end up being stuck in the snow with no possibility to budge from that place. A proper set of winter tyres needs to keep you straight and steady on the road, regardless if the road is soft and snow-covered or slippery with an ice cover. The right set of wheels may save your life at the right moment, which is why you may want to invest in your future winters. Browse on mytyres.co.uk for a proper set of Kenda winter tyres at an attractive price.