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Insa Turbo Tyres

Insa Turbo

Insa Turbo Tyres – breathing new life into tyres

Insa Turbo is a family-owned company, a well-known international provider of retread tyres since 1988. During the renewal process, they carefully inspect each tyre to meet all the highest product standards. The testing process is rather tough since the company cares about the product quality and safety use. In a case of any defects found, the tyre that didn’t pass the inspection gets shredded and turned into rubber granules and used as a raw material for other products. This has brought them a reputation as an environmentally efficient manufacturer. Also, thanks to their tough inspections and use of the latest technologies, Insa Turbo tyres easily stand next to or often outperform the latest tyres.

Insa Turbo tyres – advanced technologies for a safe ride

Ever wondered how the recapped tyres are made? The used tyre is carefully checked first for any visible damages. Then it undergoes pressure inspection. A special shearographer will determine how the tyre structure changes under stress. After passing these inspections, the tyre goes under buffing. It renews the shape and the balance, often exceeding the original parameters. Any cavities are thoroughly covered with rubber, so that the new bonding 1mm rubber layer may be applied to the crown. All the original characteristics are restored and even bettered. Outstanding Insa Turbo tyres, offered in different applications, are widely presented at eiretyres.com at affordable price range. Feel free to select the most suitable set for your current car within minutes.

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