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Frequently Asked Questions

Identifier for motorcycle tyres according to the EC regulation ECE R 75

The European Union can also influence the motorcycle labelling.
A standard was decreed, which effects changes to the tyre size labelling.
However neither motorcyclists, the trade or test institutions need to rethink completely.
This is because similar labelling is already known for tyres up to the speed category 'H'. The labelling changes mainly affect 'V', 'VB', 'VR' and 'ZR' tyres.
The significant difference between the labelling to date and the new labelling is the introduction of the factory identifier (tyre load identifier and speed symbol) as well as the new speed symbol W (= 270 km/h) for ZR tyres. The speed symbol V (currently V = greater than 210 km/h) was redefined as V = 240 km/h.
If a tyre with the speed identifier V corresponds to the speed of 240 km/h, the speed identifier within the tyre size is omitted and the factory identifier (tyre load identifier and speed symbol) is listed after the tyre size labelling (e.g. 69 V).
For ZR tyres with the speed 270 km/h, the tyre label remains unchanegd and the factory identifier is listed with the tyre label (e.g. 69 W)
If the permissible maximum speed of a tyre for V/VB/VR is greater than 240 km/h or for ZR is greater than 270 km/h the current labelling remains unchanged and the factory identifier (tyre load identifier and speed symbol) is added. Hereby, the factory identifier is set in brackets in order to emphasise that the permissible maximum speed is more than V (240 km/h) or W (270 km/h). For example: (69 V), (69 W).