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Frequently Asked Questions

I received two tyres with a label and two tyres without. Is there a difference in quality?

From November 1st 2012, all tyres that are available for general purchase that have been produced after July 1st, 2012 must be accompanied by an EU Tyre Label    or clearly indicate respective label information that allows a specific tyre to be classified.  The tyre manufactures guarantee that tyres with the same item number, that have been produced before July 1st, 2012, are of the same quality as those with a tyre label. The label may not be directly affixed to the tyre or accompany it in any form, but the information about the associated classification of a tyre by the EU Tyre Label criteria can always be found in the detailed information page on eiretyres.com for any tyre. The label classification is performed at item level, meaning that each individual item receives it's own label. Additionally, the label information will always be sent either on or accompanying the order invoice.