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GT Radial Winter Tyres

GT Radial winter tyres – for instantaneous braking

GT Radial is a brand of tyres manufactured by Giti Tire, a Singaporean company founded in 1951. For a long time, the company made bicycle tyres only, but by 1993, it had already entered China as a prominent car tyre producer. Giti Tyre produces a wide variety of brands, including Dextero, Runway, Primewell, and Giti. As of 2016, Giti Tire had revenues of over $3 billion. The GT Radial winter tyres have been featured among the most famous winter tyres ever made, so you can rest assured that your money will get you something of the highest quality.

GT Radial winter tyres – great for SUVs

What makes the GT Radial tyres so tempting is that they improve traction to such an extent that drivers don’t even feel like they’re driving on snow or ice. The same thing goes for the road feedback, which is improved by as much as 90%. The GT radial tyres are available in all sizes (23, to be more precise), therefore you’ll find some for your car, regardless of what you’re driving. The braking distance is shortened a great deal with these, even though some drivers reported that they don’t make much of a difference when on wet roads. Subsequently, the tyres were tested, and it turns out that indeed, the braking distance is shorter on snow than it is on a wet road. In consequence, these are a good buy when the roads are actually covered in snow, not just a few inches of sludge and water. If you’re aiming for low-budget tyres, the GT Radial winter tyres should be your go-to.

GT Radial winter tyres – beastly traction

If you have an SUV, you should install winter tyres on it right on the onset of winter. SUVs are much heavier than passenger cars, which means that they need their traction to be perfect in order to be able to get you out of mud, snow and black ice patches. No matter what you’re driving – a passenger car or an SUV – GT provides some really astonishing tyres. Just make sure that you’ll get yours in the right size. You can buy your GT Radial winter tyres from eiretyres.com, the UK store that doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to providing drivers cost-effective car accessories.

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