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Fulda All season Tyres

Fulda all season tyres – a smart choice for all weather conditions

As the name already indicates it, Fulda is one of the most renowned tyre ma nufacturers from Germany. The company was first established in 1906 in Fulda by Moritz Hasenclever and Gustav Becker. From the very beginning, the company provided its customers with high-quality services. Their initial tyres were for carries or bicycles. Later on, the company moved its focus towards motorised vehicles. Fulda is in a continuous development and nowadays, its tyres cover a wide range of Fulda all season tyres for passenger cars, 4x4, light trucks, trucks, and other commercial types of machinery. Today, Fulda is one of the members of the Goodyear group and produces over 8 million tyres every year.

Fulda all season tyres – outstanding German quality

One example of all season tyres are the Fulda MultiControl products. Their quality standard is boosted by the traditional German rigour. Fulda all season tyres save the users the trouble of changing their car's tyres multiple times a year. The MultiCotrol tyres use the 3D Bubble Blade sipe technology. This offers stability and good grip in extreme weather conditions such as dry or wet, or even snow-covered and icy roads. The sipes ensure good traction as their biting edges hug the road surface when the tyres roll. This proves that the tyres are stable enough and the steering precision is considerably improved. No matter how worn out the tyres are, they are still very efficient on slippery roads. The silica fillers in the rubber compounds help the tyre perform well in both cold and warm conditions. The adhesive characteristics remain constant and offer a good grip no matter if it’s summer or winter. Moreover, the MultiControl tyres reduce any risk of aquaplaning.

Fulda all seasons tyres – great value for affordable prices

The tyres come in 18 sizes and have widths of 155 to 225 millimetres and rim diameters of up to 13 inches. Fulda creates high-quality products based on the standards imposed by their home country because there, the driving conditions can be extreme and the weather changes suddenly. Besides their safety features, Fulda all seasons tyres will also give you great value for the money you invest. The German quality ensures the users they will be able to use the same tyres for a very high mileage, without replacing them. If you are interested in the Fulda products, we invite you to check eiretyres.com.

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