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Firestone tyres – 116 years of fame

Nowadays, Firestone is owned by the Bridgestone Corporation from Japan. However, it was founded in America by Harvey Samuel Firestone in 1900. It was sold to Bridgestone in 1988. Apart from tyres, the company also manufactured rubberised products for the military during WWII. We’ll give you a clue of what quality you should expect from the Firestone tyres. For 46 years in a row, the Indianapolis 500 race was won by cars equipped with them. These tyres can also be found under the alternate brand name Fuzion. One of their most known products is the Transforce tyre for SUVs.

Firestone tyres – excellence as a given

Firestone provides nearly any type of tyres: SUV tyres, truck tyres, winter, summer and all-season tyres, crossover tyres, tyres for passenger cars and minivans, etc. All Firestone tyres have been made with an innovative anti-skid technology that is held in high regards even after all this time. It’s needless to say that this technology transformed Firestone into a household giant in the US. The products do not pose any threat to the environment. If you gear up your car with Firestone tyres, you can be sure that your vehicle will run as if it were new. Since the company delivers tyres suitable for all seasons, you won’t need to search endlessly for other brands once the summer/winter comes. You can look for fitting tyres on, the online retailer that’s about to become your very best friend.

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