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Falken Tyres


Falken tyres – high-performance rubber

Falken Tire was founded in 1983, in Japan, but it hit American soil in 1985. In the past, Falken manufactured tyres for medium and light trucks and passenger cars. However, now it focuses exclusively on producing Falken tyres for motorsports (Ultra High Performance, or simply UHP). In North America, the company has warehouses in Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee and Texas. Falken Tire is a name you’re likely to hear if you’re an enthusiast of car events, like races and competitions, be them on circuits or off-road.

Falken tyres – power in diversity

Falken designs tyres for a wide array of high-performance vehicles. Just think about Lexus, Lotus, Maserati, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Jaguar, Ferrari, Dodge, Chrysler and many, many others. Tyres are vital to any type of car, but they’re all the more important for UHP cars. You can’t just put second-hand tyres on a racing car. Treadwear is a major concern – for example, common tyres don’t handle high temperatures. Would you put regular tyres on a sports car? Definitely not; never. When you drive at high speeds, the rubber heats up, and the performance is chipped. But not with the Falken tyres, which have been designed to withstand even the highest temperatures. The technology that was put into them makes the Falken tyres unbeatable.
If you need tyres for your UHP car, Falken is the only brand you should be using. Browse for their tyres on eiretyres.com and choose the best products for your vehicle.

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