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Dneproshina Tyres

Dneproshina tyres – a leading player in the industry

The history of Dneproshina, a top Ukrainian tyre manufacturer, goes back to 1961. The producer has become acknowledged for its far-reaching range of agricultural products. Considering that Ukraine is focused on agricultural practices, it is implied that the manufacturer concentrated on designing products that, first and foremost, would modernise the agricultural industry. One of the aspects that feature the approach of the manufacturer is that it aims at preserving the safety of the environment, as the company is continually trying to find ways to diminish the detrimental effects that pollution has on the natural surroundings. Concurrently, the company is always embracing new opportunities, which has enabled Dneproshina to enter this competitive industry. When it comes to the creation of Dneproshina tyres, a crucial element is considering the needs of world markets.

Dneproshina tyres – competitive costs and excellent performance

Do you want to renew your Dneproshina tyres? If the answer is yes, you ought to take into account the following aspects: comfort, handling, safety, and steering precision. The performance of your vehicle is imminently related to the choice of tyres. Thereupon, we recommend you to enter eiretyres.com and navigate through our catalogue of products.

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