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Debica Winter Tyres

Debica winter tyres – safety from Poland

The company was founded in Poland in 1937. It was around the time the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco was opened in the United States. This was an important period for Poland, as this was when factories were built. They later became the country’s biggest tyre manufacturer. What led to this was the fact that the Polish government decided to build a central industrial area. This was one of the most important deals in interwar Poland. A factory that would produce paints, synthetic rubber and tyres was planned. The factory’s first tyre was produced in March 1939. 260 manual workers and 16 engineers were doing their best to produce as much as 350 tyres of different sizes every day. Back then, they were manufacturing the tyres for the Polish military, but after a while, they were able to make 600 tyres daily. The German occupation during the Second World War stopped this improvement, but the company could later return to its former glory. Debica had a collaboration with Goodyear and is now one of the largest Goodyear plants in Europe. So, if you want to stay safe this winter, you can equip your car with Debica winter tyres.

Debica winter tyres – making winter easier

The security of the passengers is the most important aspect when driving a car. The tyres are some of the factors that help the driver keep himself and the car safe. Debica tyres could be the cherry on top. Not only does Debica produce quality summer tyres like Debica Presto UHP2, but also makes sure to manufacture top-notch winter tyres. Models like Frigo 2 and Frigo HP are great choices for the snowy season. They are stable and make you feel like winter is not even a problem anymore. This is why Debica winter tyres are not something to miss, as they have great quality and increase your safety.

Debica winter tyres – safe and affordable

The Polish brand Debica makes sure to keep you safe during the cold season. They provide great tyres that you won’t regret spending money on. Debica winter tyres are available on eiretyres.com, waiting to make you happy this winter.

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