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Davanti Tyres

Exceptional Performance and Value with Davanti Tyres

At Eiretyres.com, we're proud to offer the renowned British quality of Davanti tyres at an affordable price for the Irish market. Despite being a relatively young brand, launched in the mid-2010s, Davanti has already cemented its reputation for superior quality and innovation.

Davanti's commitment to quality and innovation is apparent in its independent testing results from European company IDIADA. The brand has consistently outperformed traditional premium tyres, particularly in wet conditions and noise reduction, delivering an impressively quiet and safe ride.

From the outset, Davanti leveraged the latest technologies for carcass production and rubber compounding, along with incorporating functional designs across their range. They have continually fine-tuned their products based on driver feedback, aiming to improve traction in all road and weather conditions. Their tyres prove versatile on different surfaces, both in summer and winter, showcasing a commendable blend of high performance and comfort.

Davanti's growing range includes tyres for passenger cars with rim sizes up to 22", and a broad selection for commercial vans. The brand also utilises Run Flat technology, which allows drivers to continue at a low speed even with a flat tyre.

Unparalleled Summer Driving Experience with Davanti

Davanti's summer tyres offer superior grip on both wet and dry surfaces, making them ideal for urban driving with frequent stops and starts. They also score highly in cabin comfort, reducing noise for a more pleasant journey.

For compact cars, the Davanti DX240 tyres are an excellent choice. Their narrow profile provides optimum braking performance suited to lighter vehicles.

Commercial drivers aren't left out, with Davanti offering an extensive selection of commercial summer tyres, exemplified by the reliable Davanti DX440 model.

Moreover, Davanti caters to off-road vehicles with their robust summer tyre range, designed to accommodate heavier vehicles without compromising on braking distances.

Remarkable Winter Performance with Davanti

Davanti's winter tyre range covers passenger cars, off-road vehicles, light trucks and vans. Models from their Wintoura range epitomise the brand's strong winter performance, ensuring safe and confident driving in icy or snowy conditions.

Remarkably, despite their superior performance and wide-ranging adaptability, Davanti tyres are priced significantly lower than their competitors.

Whether you're navigating urban streets, rough terrains, or braving the elements, Davanti tyres are designed to stay a step ahead, offering a safe and enjoyable driving experience. Discover the difference Davanti can make for your vehicle today at Eiretyres.com.

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