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Cooper Winter Tyres

Cooper winter tyres – American greatness

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company was founded in 1914 in Akron, Ohio. The company designs, manufactures and markets tyres. It has 60 manufacturing, distribution, design, technical and sales facilities all over the globe. Cooper was listed on the New York Stock Exchange after becoming a publicly held corporation in 1960. The company was founded by Claude E. Hart and John F. Schaefer, who were spouses and the name was inspired by an auto-parts dealer named I.J. Cooper, who formed the Cooper Corporation to make new tyres. It merged with the M and M Company and The Falls Rubber company. Together, they created the Master Tire and Rubber Company in 1930. In 1946, the company’s name changed to Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. Its slogan is “The tire with two names ... the company and the man who built it.” Just like any good tyre manufacturer, Cooper puts the customer’s safety in the first place. The Cooper winter tyres are created specially to keep you secured on the icy roads.

Cooper winter tyres – experience and quality

Winter tyres have to be used instead of summer ones to ensure your well-being. The snowy season can pass without any accident if you choose the right product. This is where Cooper comes into the spotlight. With an experience of over 100 years, they know how to properly do their job and manufacture quality tyres. Cooper tyres can suit your needs. Their catalogue contains many models you can choose from. Some of these are Cooper Discoverer Winter, Cooper Weather-Master Van, and Cooper Discoverer M+S Sport. These well-designed tyres are sure to make your winter better as stated by various Cooper tyres reviews. The snow and ice that the cold season brings are not going to be a problem anymore, as Cooper can solve your issues. Their products will let you drive safely on the roads. Therefore, Cooper winter tyres won’t disappoint.

Cooper winter tyres – a total blessing

The fear that comes once winter settles will be gone if you get to use the tyres that Cooper provides. The online tyre retailer eiretyres.com is where they can be purchased. Buying Cooper winter tyres is going to be a great investment, as you won’t worry about the icy roads anymore.

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