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Cooper Summer Tyres

Cooper summer tyres – built to last

A lot of people have wondered: “who makes Cooper tyres?” Here’s the answer: Cooper tyres are made by the American company Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, founded in 1914. The company manufactures tyres for trucks and automobiles, while its subsidiaries (6 in total) are tasked with manufacturing racing, motorcycle and medium truck tyres. As of 2016, the net income of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company was $251.29 million. If you want maximum performance, just install some Cooper summer tyres on your vehicle and you’re good to go.

Cooper summer tyres – enhanced road feedback

With Cooper tyres Zeon CS8 on your car, you can rest assured that both the dry and wet grip will be steadfast. Cooper tyres don’t wear as quickly as those from other manufacturers and have been shown to improve the overall handling of one’s car a great deal. Moreover, the rolling sound is quiet and the rolling resistance is extremely low. If you’d like to harvest all these perks, you should read a Cooper Zeon review to get a sense of how effective the CS8 tyres actually are. Naturally, Cooper manufactures a wide array of summer tyres, of which the vast majority are highly rated and recommended by a lot of people who have tried them and were mind blown. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to consider purchasing Cooper summer tyres for your vehicle, regardless of model.

Cooper summer tyres – high performance at a great price

Cooper is primarily known for manufacturing budget tyres that return a quality of build that you wouldn’t expect from such cheap products. The brand might not be anywhere near as popular as others, but once you’ve actually driven your car with Cooper tyres on, you’ll realise that you don’t need to pay fortunes for some tyres that will last you. Most summer tyres from Cooper have a thread that improves your car’s traction even on wet roads. Considering that the weather in the U.K. is legendary for its bipolarity, you’ll certainly come to appreciate the tyres that Cooper manufactures tirelessly. If you want to purchase some Cooper summer tyres that will make you feel like your car is brand-new, you can always visit eiretyres.com and look for them through our catalogue. You’re sure to find the most suitable ones for your vehicle.

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