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Compass Tyres


Compass tyres – unparalleled performance all the way

Nothing upgrades your bike’s performance like a set of new tyres. And if you’re uncertain about which ones you should get, perhaps you should give Compass tyres a go. For starters, they roll unbelievably fast – which is something most bikers are fond of – while doing an amazing job at absorbing vibrations. That imminently impacts the comfort of the ride, as well. As for the tread compound, it grips superbly, in both dry and wet riding conditions. If that’s what you’re looking for, the all-road file tread created by Compass will meet your expectations. They allow you to go through mud, and reach high speed riding on smooth pavement – depending on your mood.

Compass tyres – challenge yourself

When was the last time you challenged yourself and tried a new thing? If your current bike tyres prevented you from doing so, perhaps it would be the time to renew them. Compass tyres are extra light, which means they don’t add unnecessary weight to your load, and won’t prevent you from reaching your utmost performance. At the same time, if you want to pursue high speed biking, Compass has plenty to offer in this department, as well. So, if you’re the kind of biker who enjoys a challenge every now and then, Compass tyres could be your go-to. Regardless of your biking specifications and preferences, you’ll definitely find something down your alley. Simply go to eiretyres.com where you can get the right tyre set for your bike at a good price!

Choose quality and high performance:

  • Over 100 tyre brands like Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Avon, Michelin, Nexen, etc.
  • Tyres for every budget
  • Over 35.000 tyre profiles
  • We only sell quality tyres