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Carlisle Tyres


Carlisle tyres – an industry leader

Carlisle is wholly committed to engineering first-rate tyres and wheels for equipping industrial, agricultural, lawn, garden, ATV/UTV, construction, trailers/haulers vehicles. Featuring innovation and ingenuity, Carlisle tyres will assist you in all your day-to-day adventures. As a matter of fact, the Carlisle brand is known to provide the original equipment for numerous machines for both work and play. It has been long acknowledged as a leader in this competitive tyre industry, as it delivers cutting-edge technology, performance and, first and foremost, quality. Knowing you can depend on your tyres makes each chore easier, especially when you want to perform a task efficiently and in as little time as possible. Evidently, safety remains a top priority as well, and you can depend on Carlisle tyres to deliver all these crucial elements.

Carlisle tyres – legacy of excellence

The brand’s experience as a top manufacturer is a testament of the quality of its products. Since Carlisle invests in high-class technology and innovation, you can ensure that your Carlisle tyres will aid you to accomplish your goals, every single time. That is precisely what you would expect of high-quality tyres, right? Evidently, significant aspects such as rolling resistance, wear, pressure point, mileage, economy and tyre tread are maximised with every tyre that gets out of the product line. That is one of the reasons why Carlisle is a renowned manufacturer. You can test these tyres for yourself if you want to enjoy utmost performance by purchasing them from eiretyres.com.

Choose quality and high performance:

  • Over 100 tyre brands like Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Avon, Michelin, Nexen, etc.
  • Tyres for every budget
  • Over 35.000 tyre profiles
  • We only sell quality tyres