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Bridgestone summer tyres – a sustainable solution

Bridgestone Corporation is one of those manufacturers of tyres that got to the top of the game in spite of being relatively young. The manufacturer was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi in 1931 in Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan. While you might have heard of this manufacturer, it’s less likely that you know that it is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world as of last year. That speaks volumes about its determination and professionalism. Apart from tyres, Bridgestone Corporation also manufactures a large variety of truck and automobile parts. It’s safe to say that your car will appreciate the Bridgestone summer tyres as much as you.

Bridgestone summer tyres – for phenomenal dry grip

As you might expect, Bridgestone manufactures a large selection of summer tyres. The Bridgestone er300, for instance, are state-of-the-art tyres that will improve the overall manoeuvrability of your car. They grip the road optimally even on wet road conditions, therefore providing an increased road feedback that you won’t get from other tyres. Another model is the famous t001. If you read a Bridgestone t001 91 review, you’ll discover that they offer pretty much the same advantages for an equally good price. The same thing goes for the Bridgestone Potenza adrenalin re002. The tyres that Bridgestone makes don’t wear out as easily as the tyres made by other manufacturers, so here’s another reason why you should at least consider endowing your vehicle, regardless of type, with Bridgestone summer tyres.

Bridgestone summer tyres – improved handling on wet roads

Even though summer tyres are specifically made for a better dry grip, they should have a good wet grip as well. If you live in an area where it rains most of the summer, it goes without saying that your car should be able to avoid skidding when cornering or braking. This ability is usually conferred by the thread pattern of the tyres. What’s more, you should bear in mind that tyres should feel comfortable and reduce the rolling noise. It’s not that nice to drive around in a car that sounds like a waterfall. If you’ve used Bridgestone tyres before, then you know that they return some great quality for the money. If you want to purchase Bridgestone summer tyres again, go through our selection, available at and choose the ones that suit your vehicle the best.

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