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BF Goodrich Tyres

BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich tyres – 147 years of enhanced performance

BF Goodrich is probably most known for providing the tyres of the first car that crossed the US and the ones of the Columbia spacecraft as it was constructed. Michelin bought the manufacturer in 1990. Moreover, the first radial tyres in the US were produced by the same manufacturer, in 1965. The tread of a radial tyre lasts longer than that of a normal-type one. BF Goodrich is one of the few tyre manufacturers that have been more than simple tyre manufacturers: they’ve made tyres for planes, they made the first pressurized suit for cosmonauts and introduced synthetic rubber in the US. On top of all these, the company provided BF Goodrich tyres for cars that won in uncountable racing competitions.

BF Goodrich tyres – the best off-road tyres

The legendary BF Goodrich produces all types of tyres, but it’s especially known for its fantastic off-road ones. Once you’ve equipped your car with these fitting tyres, you cease to be at the mercy of the terrain. The BF Goodrich off-road tyres have a particular design of the tread that makes them more enduring than other products of this type. That ensures they will last a lot more than those that come from other manufacturers. If you want to transform your SUV or light truck in nothing short of a tank, don’t look for other tyres than BF Goodrich. Enter eiretyres.com and browse through our catalogue for original BF Goodrich tyres.

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