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Autogreen Tyres

Discover Autogreen Tyres

An outstanding addition to the wide selection of tyre brands available at Eiretyres.com, Autogreen stands distinctively among budget Chinese brands like Sailun, Goodride, Landsail, Doublestar, and Rapid. Autogreen brings forth a fusion of technology and quality that transcends mainstream offerings, with a catalogue spanning entry-level HP models for cars and SUVs, ultra-high performance (UHP) tyres, all-season tyres, and specialised all-terrain and mud tyres.

Since its introduction to the tyre market in 2014, Autogreen has quickly established a reputation for quality and performance. Since 2016, its tyres have been manufactured under contract at Wanli Tire's facilities and exported worldwide by Best Choice International Trade Co., based in Beijing. In addition to Autogreen tyres, these state-of-the-art facilities produce Mazzini and Delmax tyres, each with unique offerings that cater to the diverse needs of drivers worldwide.

Why Choose Autogreen Tyres

Autogreen presents a perfect blend of affordability and quality. With the incorporation of the latest technologies and advanced materials in their production process, Autogreen tyres promise a smooth, comfortable ride and high safety levels on the road.

For summer driving, Autogreen offers models such as the Sport Chaser-SC2, noted for its excellent control and stability on dry asphalt, attributed to the silicon component in its rubber composition. Meanwhile, the SuperSport Chaser-SSC5 shines in wet conditions, boasting agility and speed, due to its wide and special grooves.

Autogreen’s winter tyre line-up is equally impressive, tailored for specific weather conditions. For instance, the Winter-max U1-WL2 excels in icy and snowy conditions with its silicate-infused rubber compound, while the Winter-max A1-WL5 is designed for extreme winter conditions, featuring a high profile and large tread blocks for superior grip.

Choosing Autogreen means opting for comfort, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Autogreen tyres are incredibly durable due to the advanced technologies used in their production, promising a long service life. They undergo strict quality control and are certified according to international standards, ensuring high reliability and safety during use.

Despite their place in the budget segment, Autogreen tyres hold their ground against more expensive brands in terms of quality and safety. With proper maintenance, these tyres maintain their performance and provide a comfortable ride over time. If you seek reliable, quality car tyres at an affordable price, Autogreen tyres might just be the perfect choice for you. Explore the range of Autogreen tyres today at Eiretyres.com!

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