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Atturo Tyres


Atturo tyres – enjoy great quality at favourable rates!

Atturo has approximately 80 years of experience in engineering tyres. The company goes beyond the typical quality control process, as their products are further tested by independent third-party agencies. This ensures the release of high-quality tyres. The company specialises almost exclusively in producing SUV tyres, light truck tyres and Crossover tyres. One of the great things about this brand is that it strives to supply different products for different driving scenarios, including off-road driving on muddy terrain or typical highway driving. Although the prices are fairly affordable, this doesn’t compromise on the quality of the tyres. The manufacturer’s priority was to create dependable tyres that address the needs of today’s light truck owner. On that note, if you’re thinking of equipping your car with Atturo tyres, you should know that the company supplies a far-reaching variety of products, featuring different characteristics.

Atturo tyres – find your favourite item

Not only that Atturo tyres come at surprisingly affordable rates, but each set of tyres comes accompanied by a three-year-warranty. Concurrently, the manufacturer directs a lot of attention into designing eye-catching tyres, with unique aesthetic appeal. This way, if you pick Atturo, you can equip your car with a set of tyres that will optimise your vehicle’s performance, at a decent price. On a final note, you can easily order yours if you visit eiretyres.com – our online shop. Simply browse through the styles available for your car’s size. We are optimistic that you’ll find something suitable for your vehicle!

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