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Atlas Tyres

Atlas Tyres: A New Era of Innovation

Atlas Tyres, a relatively recent entrant to the market in 2013, was unveiled by the esteemed Belgian conglomerate, Deldo. A brand that champions the cause of eco-friendly rubber, Atlas Tyres is synonymous with impressive technical attributes, enhanced durability, and the promise of marked fuel economy. This commitment towards environment-friendly products doesn't just mark a trend but showcases a foresight into the future of the automobile industry.

Sustainable Tyre Innovation

The journey of crafting these eco-centric Atlas tyres commenced with the design of a novel rubber blend. Achieving the precise balance of ingredients, supplemented by cutting-edge techniques, Atlas has managed to roll out tyres that significantly diminish the presence of detrimental chemicals.

The strategic selection of raw materials not only augments the driving dynamics but also slashes the rolling resistance coefficient. This dual benefit ensures an extended tyre lifespan while concurrently optimizing fuel usage.

Atlas tyres wear their quality on their sleeves, as evinced by certifications like the European E-mark, S-mark, and the global REACH accreditation. Their adherence to top-tier production standards, coupled with a surprisingly affordable price point, positions Atlas Tyres as a formidable challenger to some of the more renowned brands.

A Spectrum of Choices

Atlas's diverse catalogue spans across summer, winter, and all-season variants, ensuring that there's an Atlas tyre tailored for every requirement. Their summer collection boasts of models like the Green, Green VAN, Sport Green, and the Sport Green SUV.

When it comes to winter, Atlas doesn't skimp on performance. Offering consistent and smooth rides regardless of the weather, these winter tyres impress with their superior road grip, an efficient water evacuation system, and a heat-resilient rubber blend. These standout features have endeared Atlas winter tyres to a growing clientele.

One can't discuss Atlas without highlighting its cost-effectiveness. These budget-friendly tyres share their birthplace with products from the renowned Asian brand, Shandong Linglong, further underlining the high-tech and superior production standards inherent to Atlas.

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