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Tyres for VOLVO 740

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Volvo 740 tyres – impressive history

AB Volvo is a top automobile Swedish manufacturer, and it produces trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, as well as aerospace components. The company was established in 1927, by Gustaf Larsson and Assar Gabrielsson. The first series of Volvo automobile was entitled ÖV4, and it was released on 14th of April, 1927. The vehicles were well-received, and its success determined Volvo’s prominent position in the auto industry. In May 1932, Volvo aimed at targeting a distinct demographic segment and started producing cars at accessible prices, for the contemporary driver. Safety and quality have always been of paramount importance in the production of Volvo vehicles. As a matter of fact, the priority has been to supply durable and versatile products, which could withstand the severe driving conditions in Sweden. Apart from Volvo automobiles, Volvo 740 tyres are made to meet the same specifications.

Volvo 740 tyres – created to last

When you choose prime Volvo 740 tyres, in fact, you decide to boost your car’s performance. Additionally, a high-quality set of tyres, which is made to last, will provide excellent value for the money paid. Access mytyres.co.uk, and browse through the far-reaching directory of tyres that are made-to-measure your car’s strictest specifications.

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