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Tyres for TOYOTA Supra

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Toyota Supra tyres – attain independence

The Toyota Supra was acknowledged as an iconic model, which was, arguably, one of the most recognised sports car models released by Toyota. It was originally revealed back in April 1978. It was developed in order to compete with the modern models released by their competitors. The manufacturer produced four generations of Toyota Supra, and the model relished great success. For instance, the MK4 was particularly successful in motorsport, since it was a winner in the Swiss Mountain Races. From its release date in April 1978 to July 2002, when the production was ended, Toyota had released 593,337 units. Toyota’s vehicles, together with the collection of Toyota Supra tyres, are featured, first and foremost, by reliability, and excellent price-quality ratio.

Toyota Supra tyres – always on the run

Did you know that your Toyota Supra tyres have an immediate influence on your car’s performance on the road? This is implied, as they are the only components that have contact with the road. If you wish to secure your safety, comfort and update your performance while being on the run with your Toyota, look no further than eiretyres.com for replacing your tyres. Our shop enlists products fitted for each driver’s specific needs.

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