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Accelera Tyres


Accelera Tyres: The Pinnacle of Quality and Dependability

The Indonesian brand, Accelera, has been manufacturing tyres for nearly twenty-five years, offering excellent quality combined with a friendly pricing policy. These key elements have propelled this relatively new brand to claim its place in the global tyre industry. The secret to Accelera’s success lies in their masterful balance of superb traction capabilities and long-lasting durability. Backed by international certifications such as DOT, E-MARK, INMETRO, UKAS, GSO, and SNI, Accelera consistently delivers high-quality tyres crafted using state-of-the-art components and unique technologies. Each tyre model undergoes rigorous testing to ensure performance and reliability, thanks to the cutting-edge European equipment installed at the company's facilities.

Innovations by Accelera

Every tyre produced by Accelera benefits from the proprietary DeltaMax technology, applied at all stages of the manufacturing process to guarantee stability and longevity. Key features of the DeltaMax technology include:

  • A double-layer polyester casing ensuring the tyre material remains stable and homogeneous.
  • A spiral-shaped layer enhancing stability and preventing tyre deformation.
  • A triple tread compound absorbing noise, resisting swaying, providing good grip, and prolonging tyre life.

Together, these elements boost the performance of Accelera tyres, offering both safety on the road and comfortable driving without compromising on tyre lifespan.

Accelera’s Extensive Tyre Range

Accelera’s catalogue covers tyres for cars, SUVs, trucks, and even sports cars. The diverse range, including models like Eco Plush, Epsilon, Gamma, Sigma, X-Grip, Alpha, and PHI, caters to various requirements and driving conditions.

For example:

  • The Eco Plush is ideal for standard and economy cars, featuring three main tread ribs for perfect traction and diagonal grooves for effective water evacuation on wet surfaces.
  • The Epsilon model, equipped with a triple dynamic tread block, ensures stable, noiseless driving at high speeds, while its V-shaped and main tread recesses effectively handle moisture.
  • The Gamma model offers excellent handling with its continuous centre rib and zigzag shoulder blocks for optimal grip on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • The Sigma model boasts superior performance with a wide shoulder block and cone-shaped grooves for moisture drainage and temperature optimisation during driving.

For SUVs and off-road vehicles, Accelera offers models like Iota, Badak X-Treme, Omikron AT, and Omikron HT.

  • The Iota model features an asymmetrical tread pattern for confident all-weather driving, while a central balancing rib ensures additional stability.
  • The Omikron AT shines in off-road conditions with its stepped edges and Z-slots providing good manoeuvrability and even tyre wear.

Accelera produces summer, winter, and all-season tyres, each distinguished by their quality, high performance, longevity, and competitive pricing. If you're seeking reliable tyres that deliver an uncompromised balance of cost and quality, Accelera should be on your shortlist.

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