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Snow chains by manufacturer

DeltiGrip snow chains


König snow chains


Maggi snow chains


Ottinger snow chains


Pewag snow chains


ProPlus snow chains


RUD snow chains


Snö Pro snow chains

 Snö Pro

Polaire snow chains


Snow chains brands– for increased traction

It’s safe to say that there are as many manufacturers of snow chains as there are cars in the world. Some of them are trustworthy, in the sense that they provide genuinely sturdy chains that can withstand even the toughest slush or dangerous black ice, and some other ones are O.K., but nothing out of the ordinary. Snow chains are indispensable during the winter season, no matter if the area you live in gets mild or severe snowfalls. All it takes to be 100% secure on the road is to search on Google by “snow chains by manufacturer” and choose the brand you’re most familiar with or the one that has a high rating.

Snow chains by manufacturer – plenty of options to choose from

During the wintertime, skidding is the #1 safety hazard. Braking on even the smallest patch of ice can be ineffective. Snow chains increase the traction of the tyres, so they’re absolutely crucial. In many countries in the world, you can get a pretty huge fine for not equipping your car with snow chains on the onset of winter. That makes perfect sense – all people should be aware of the dangers they’re exposing themselves to by driving on snowy roads with summer or all-season tyres that don’t have any sort of chain. Snow chains by manufacturer can be purchased from plenty of stores, both physical and online, so you haven’t got any excuse not to get yours.

Snow chains by manufacturer – budget-friendly brands

The fact that you have to purchase the most expensive snow chains on the market is a misconception that needs to go away or be destroyed. But perhaps we shouldn’t be too worried about it since many people purchase cheaper brands that serve them as well as those worth thrice as much. They will continue to do so in spite of what other people say. Surely, there’s nothing wrong with buying cheap snow chains as long as they do what they’re supposed to do and don’t fall off when you least expect it. Just make sure they’re durable and tough. If you want to browse through a multitude of snow chains brands (like DeltiGrip, Michelin, Ottinger and many others) in order to choose the optimal ones for your car, visit eiretyres.com and check out the products we have in store for you.