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Maggi Trak Sport 215

Item number:CATRASP215
DC-Item number:DPS-15479568
limited stock
: 245/35-R20, 255/35-R20, 285/30-R20, 345/25-R20
: 205/80-R14, 215/75-R14, 275/60-R14
: 195/70-R16, 225/60-R16
: 185/80-R15, 215/70-R15, 275/55-R15, 295/50-R15
: 205/55-R18, 225/50-R18, 245/45-R18, 275/40-R18, 285/40-R18
: 225/55-R17, 245/50-R17, 275/45-R17
: 225/45-R19, 245/40-R19, 275/35-R19, 285/35-R19, 325/30-R19
€ 359.29
-The most premium and high-tech chains you can get for SPORTS CARS! With a clearance of only 10mm, Trak Sport chains are suitable for all low-profile tyres.
- The ultra-modern and revolutionary snow chains that almost install themselves! Assembly takes only seconds and is only necessary on the tyre's exterior - the chains fix to the rim and wheel nut.
- No more tiresome installation behind the wheel!!! It doesn't get simpler than that! Available with a chain-spike combination for maximum grip! You get ultimate traction from the first rotation! Comfortable to carry as the chains come in a nylon fabric bag.
- Top quality product.
- Ö -Norm V 5117.