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Maggi XS 9

Item number:CANEXS9050
DC-Item number:DPS-15479582
: 155/80-R14, 165/70-R14, 175/65-R14, 185/60-R14, 195/55-R14, 225/40-R14, 255/35-R14
: 165/80-R13, 175/75-R13, 185/65-R13, 185/70-R13, 205/50-R13, 205/55-R13, 245/45-R13
: 175/50-R16, 195/40-R16
: 155/70-R15, 175/55-R15, 195/45-R15
€ 68.22
-The XS 9 SUPER EASY ensures easy handling! For all customers who on the one hand demand the latest technology while on the other they want to have a low-cost snow chain, which is equipped with square links, diamond pattern design and flexible quick-mounting bracket.
- With new, even more stable design box.
- The convenient quick mounting bracket snow chain with the best VALUE FOR MONEY! Convenient and easy to mount! Good traction thanks to diamond pattern design and square-link chain, hardened and zincked.
- TÜ V GS (TÜ V SÜ D) tested.
- Ö NORM V 5117th CUNA NC 178-01