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Snö Pro Sno-pro matic 70

Item number:134
DC-Item number:DPS-15173391
: 175/75-R14, 195/65-R14, 195/70-R14, 205/60-R14
: 205/50-R16
: 175/70-R15, 185/65-R15
: 215/40-R17
€ 62.52

Those products are designed for frequent use. After mounting, the automatic tensor centers the chains on the wheels automatically.

SNÖ -PRO Matic are vaccum packed in order to save room, as well as a better conservation of the products.

Made of steel alloy, they last longer, are lighter and resist more to rust.

Each box includes:
  • A pair of SNÖ -PRO matic snow chains.
  • A pair of XL plastic gloves.
  • A carrying bag with the instructions manual printed on it.
  • A set of repairing kit.


A ‘ Q code’ you can flash form your Smartphone gives you access to a mounting-dismounting video. The Q code is printed on the gift box as well as on the tag bound to the bag.