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Michelin Pilot Sport 4 255/40 R18 99Y XL *


Michelin Pilot Sport 4
255/40 R18 99Y XL *

Tyre size
255/40 R18 99Y XL *  Change 
Stock Level
limited stock
Type of Tyre
Summer tyres
Speed Index
Y: Approved up to 300 mph
Item No.
EU Tyre Label
Test results:
European Production

List price*   € 269.00
€ 252.17
+ € 3.44 Ecotax = € 255.61

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Delticom Product Description


Discover the Road Control Ninja - MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4!

Hey there, fellow drivers and road warriors! Let me tell you about the awesomeness that is the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4. This bad boy is not your average tyre; it's a road control ninja that's here to stay!

  • Glide Through Curves like a Pro with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4's Precision Handling!
    Picture this: you're cruising down those wet roads, and suddenly, you need to make a sharp turn. No sweat! The Pilot Sport 4's got your back with its precision handling and reactivity. Thanks to its Dynamic Response Technology, you're practically gliding through those curves like a pro. It's like having a secret driving superpower!
  • Safety Guru - The MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4: Your Reliable Companion on Slippery Surfaces!
    But wait, there's more! You know those heart-pounding moments when you have to hit the brakes hard on slippery surfaces? Fear not, because the Pilot Sport 4 is a safety guru. It's equipped with a magic mix of elastomers and hydrophobic silica, making sure you stop on a dime even when the heavens are pouring down on you. Safety first, folks!
  • Mileage for Your Summer Adventures - The Durable MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4!
    Now, let's talk about durability – this baby is in it for the long haul! The clever folks at MICHELIN designed it with a mix of aramid and nylon, boosting its strength and giving you more rubber on the road. Translation: more mileage for your summer adventures! It's like the tyre that never wants to quit.
  • Leading European Test Magazines Love It! The MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 Gets a Thumbs-Up!
    And guess what? This tyre's got the seal of approval from the cool kids – leading European test magazines dig it too! They've put it through the paces and given it a big thumbs-up. It's like having your favourite celebs vouching for the Pilot Sport 4.

So, whether you're a speed demon looking for the thrill of precise handling, or just a safety-conscious driver who wants a reliable companion on wet roads, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 is the real deal. It's got the reactivity, the wet braking skills, the longevity, and the fame to back it all up!

Business Reviews
Profile:Pilot Sport 4
Review Date Test Facility Dimensions Review Text Review Rating Seal
02/2019 AUTO BILD 255/40 R18 99Y XL * Highly recommended
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