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Fulda Tramp 4x4 H 275/60 R15 107H OWL


Tramp 4x4 H 275/60 R15 107H OWL
We only supply the tyre. If there is a rim shown in the picture, it is for display purposes only.
Only € 142,00
Postage and packaging are included in the price when ordering minimum 2 pieces
limited stock
Summer tyresso
H: this tyre is approved for speeds up to 210 km/h certified !!

The on-road tyre for high-performance SUVs

This year-round tyre is designed for fast all-purpose vehicles which are mainly driven on hard roads. The Tramp 4x4 H is the high-performance SUV tyre that delivers performance and comfort at an affordable price. 

  • Resistance to aquaplaning
  • Confident handling on dry roads
  • Quiet, comfortable ride

Resistance to aquaplaning. Enjoy controlled driving when it’s wet. The Tramp 4x4 H features wide longitudinal grooves that quickly channel water away from the tyre’s surface, keeping the contact more secure on rain soaked roads.

Quiet, comfortable ride. The Tramp 4x4 H helps you drive in peace and quiet. The tread blocks differ in size in their inner and outer zones, which helps to lower overall tyre noise.

Confident handling on dry roads. The Tramp 4x4 H is designed so that the center blocks of the tread are connected. This results in greater stability for more confident cornering and steering on dry roads.

Tyre label / Efficiency class

We sell new cars tyres which are not older than 2 years.

During this period, using the same item number, both labeled tyres (produced after 01.07.2012) and unlabeled tyres (produced before 01.07.2012) can be purchased from the manufacturer.

Tyres with the same item number, whether or not they are labeled, can be fitted on the same axle as they have the same efficiency class. Proof is available from the involved manufacturers..

The tyre efficiency class values are sent to us by the manufacturer along with the item number and the IP code. We forward the item number and these values to our customers regardless the manufacture date of the tyres excepting articles that are older than 2 years.

Please note that this tyre may not be labelled as it was manufactured before 01.07.2012.

In this case, the following efficiency classes are valid: Roll resistance: E, Wet grip: C, Noise emissions: 76 dB.

If the tyre was produced after 01.07.2012, the label from the chart on the left is valid.

The listed price is per tyre and includes VAT and delivery within Ireland.